About ECS Jobs

ECS Jobs is a privately held, multi-million dollar corporation that is well established as a full service Information Technology consulting company. Since its founding, in 1989, ECS Jobs has focused on distinguishing itself from its competitors through innovative and value-added service.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide service for our clients’ diverse and ever changing needs, with uncompromising dedication to service and adherence to the highest ethical standards. ECS Jobs is very proud of the successful long term partnerships we have developed with our clients...

Who we are

Andy Pilgrim started speaking to high school students in the mid-1990’s as a give-back project and continues to educate new drivers, parents with children of ALL ages, teachers and grade 4 thru 8 school students...


ECS Jobs Core Values

ECS Jobs specializes in providing highly qualified Information Technology professionals internationally and throughout the Unites States. We offer contract, contract to hire and direct hire placements.



To advocate responsibility for our actions that influence our Clients and colleagues...


To provide the best in the business while striving for the best in ourselves...


To have the ability to make changes at any time necessary according to the needs of our clients...


To consistently maintain a level of honor and good faith in our actions and our character...


ECS Jobs Culture

ECS Jobs has been successful in this capacity because of our ability to be flexible with each of our client’s unique needs.


We are strong.

We are strong as individuals but stronger through our connection to each other. The ECS Jobs logo is a symbol of the culture because it exhibits the letters individually as their own but each piece is synchronized and connected together, each one relies on the other.

We are a family.

Many ECS Jobs employees have remained with the company for over 10 years. There is a strong sense of commitment and loyalty. As an ECS Jobs employee you are part of the family. We celebrate your accomplishments and we will be there in times of need.

We are productive.

We embrace the thought of being challenged and hard work. We are determined to reach our goals and follow the path of success. Even through difficult economic times, ECS Jobs has thrived and continues to grow. We attribute this success to the perseverance of our employees and their tenacious desire to always provide the best.

We are social.

We encourage social interaction. Through Facebook and Twitter, we provide employees with the latest news on the economy, weather, social issues, the job market, the latest in technology and top news events. We invite you to connect and share your ideas and thoughts on the latest issues. We respect you as an individual and as part of our family.