Vendor Management Services - VMS

With ECS Jobs’ Vendor Management Services, we will work closely with your company to evaluate your needs and concerns, then we customize our services to best suit your objectives. ECS Jobs will handle every aspect of procuring your IT staffing requirements allowing your managers to focus on other objectives and company goals. We will carefully select professionals who are prepared to advance as well as maintain your company's priorities. Our goal is to reduce your organization's time and expenditures for the procurement of IT consultants.


Program Highlights

  • Provide your management with one centralized source for obtaining consultants
  • Provide a specific contact for your organization (Account Manager).
  • Provide a standardized pricing policy to incorporate fair and reasonable markup percentages.
  • Conduct initial interviews to determine communication skills and level of expertise. Prior to the client manager interview our Technical Manager will conduct a technical interview specific to your requirements. ECS Jobs will conduct thorough reference checks of previous employers. All these steps are taken before your manager is sent a consultant's resume to review.
  • Provide Monthly Reports summarizing your company's contractor usage (i.e. average billing rates, number of contractors on specific projects and/or locations).
  • Coordinate, supervise and optimize the functions of the consultants at your work site.
  • Handle all human resource issues throughout the duration of a consultant's project (i.e. hiring, rate negotiations, benefits management, performance reviews, and termination of consultants).
  • Handle the billing and payroll services for the consultants.
  • Maintain strong lines of communication with management and consultants to ensure your organization's satisfaction.
Program Benefits

  • Streamline procedures for the procurement of IT consultants
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Enhance company focus
  • Increase Productivity